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Silver Sands Beach

The original Silver Sands Beach extends from the private beach to what is now called Jacob Taylor Beach, and was formerly called Derby Beach where Derby Wharf was located. Derby Wharf was a trade port where sugar and rum from the surrounding sugar estates of Vale Royal and Long Pond were exported to England during Falmouth’s sugar boom of the 19th and 20th centuries.  The warehouse is now cottage 20. “Rum Jetty”, and the Jetty was formerly the docking bay for trade ships and “Silverpointe” cottage was the house of the Customs and Excise Officer. 

As the importance of sugar diminished and the port stopped being used for export, Derby Beach became a vacation and leisure spot for Jamaicans and visitors alike during the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.  It was a completely private beach until the 1960’s when it was taken over by Barclay’s bank from Charles Salter.

The club house, restaurant and bar were built with a few chalets by Robert F. Huggins in 1943. The holiday spot was upgraded to a cottage resort with club house that offered a white glove dining service.

Silver Sands has changed ownership many times the exact time when the name was changed from Derby Beach to Silver Sands is unknown.

Silver Sands became a regular day trip and vacation spot during this period. Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh who came to enjoy the white glove service of the clubhouse and the beach visited Silver Sands in 1953.

Family enjoying Derby BeachThe majority property holder has changed over the years from Mrs. McIntosh to Robert F. Huggins in the early 1940’s to Charles Salter in 1959 then Barclays Bank in the 1960’s then to a few individual owners and the remaining property sold to John Striker in the early 1960’s. In 1977 the restaurant was handed over by John Striker to his General Manager. In 1980 T. Geddes bought 51% of the remaining holdings of Silver Sands and sold this to Neal and Massey in 1992. Neal and Massey sold the remaining assets to individual property owners and remaining majority holdings and assets and liabilities to Harmonisation Ltd in 2003.